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An innovative instruction and research project employing computerized simulations in business training as a tool for the mutual advancement of the academic and business sectors. The initiative incorporates organizational learning processes, business development and executive training with serious games and computer simulations.

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A website devoted to the consolidation of the vast existing data on serious games: news from the field, indexing serious games for higher learning and schools, various relevant databases, book-lists, journals and articles, etc

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The project, incorporating a group of European researchers, including Dr. Daphne Raban, head of the Department of Information and Knowledge Management and an associate of The Center, deals with social networks and their application in future internet businesses. The Center's role in the project is the development of unique business models for social networks environment.

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A pioneering cooperation between Yahoo! and the Center for Internet Research, that studies Yahoo! data traffic and communication on Yahoo! Answers from asocial network point of view.

Published articles related to this project:

Amit Rechavi & Sheizaf Rafaeli (2011). Not all is Gold that Glitters: Response time & satisfaction rates in Yahoo! Answers.

Amit Rechavi & Sheizaf Rafaeli (2011). What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander: Knowledge and Social Networks in Yahoo! Answers.