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News and Events

December 1st-2nd 2014 - Italy-Israel Conference on Comlex Systems - a lecture by prof. Sheizaf Raphaeli

November 14th 2014 - Our researchers are participating in "Insights in Eduction" un-conference in Shefai'im

Greetings for Benny Bornfeld - his paper won the "Best Paper Award"!

November 4th-6th 2014 - The 2nd International Conference of Judaica - Collection Curators, National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

Congratulationsto the center's research students Ganit Rechter and Oren Malberger, who recieved the Faculty of Management's Decan Award for academic publishing in 2014.

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Selected Project

isoc-apple-bezeqThe Israel National ICT Index  is a cooperation between Appleseeds Academy and Bezeq, funded by a research grant from the Israel Internet Association. The digital gap is a social issue reffering to the gap between populations who have constant and efficient access to computers and internet to those who don't have such access. Reduction of the digital gap helps in reduction of socio-economic gaps. This project's aim is to create a national Israeli ICT index that will be a central tool in the reduction of the digital gap in Israel and taken as a necessary consideration in policy setting and estimation. The index will be open and accessible to public.

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From The Media

19.06.14, Calcalist - What will happen if we forget to walk? Prof. Rafaeli's latest column about Frederic Gros's "A Philosophy of Walking".

12.06.14, Calcalist - What can a mouse teach about Google? Prof. Rafaeli about Google and what we don't know.

11.06.14, 103fm Radio - What are the Israelis' reading habbits? Prof. Rafaeli spoke about data from the digital gap research project.

09.06.14, ynet - Research: Israelis open a book twice a month. Findings from the digital gap research (ICT index) on reading habbits in Israel.

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